12-konsert: Kristína Smetanová - UTSETT

Den slovakiske pianisten Kristína Smetanová skulle halde konsert i Volda kyrkje 24. september. Grunna sjukdom vert konserten utsett - no vert ho gjestepianist med Volda kulturskule laurdag 29. oktober!

Smetanová har spelt med den slovakiske filharmonien og Capella Istropolitana, og laurdag 29. oktober held ho konsert i Volda - saman med kulturskulen! Konserten byrjar klokka 12. Inngangsbilletten er 100 kroner – halvparten går til restaurering av hovudorgelet i Voldakyrkja. Pianisten Kristína Smetanová presenterer seg slik:


Kristína Smetanová started studying piano with her first teacher Mgr. art. Róbert Kohútek Art. D. in Stupava and later at elementary school of arts in Bratislava. As a child, she participated in many local competitions, in which she received leading awards. From early age she was also interested in composition, her first steps were guided by well-known Slovak composers Víťazoslav Kubička and Ilja Zeljenka.In the years 2008-2014, she studied piano in the class of Mgr. art. Peter Čerman and composition with MgA. Stanislav Hochel. The graduate work of the composition studies was the Symphony of Cursed Creatures. Other important compositions are Theory of String Quartet, Dorian String Quintet, The Forgotten Sonata for Cello and Piano, or The Blue Exhale of November Night for Viola and Piano. She took part in several masterclasses, such as Musica Arvenzis (Viktor Derevianko), or TIHMS Summer Academy in the Netherlands, where she worked on her repertoir with professors Ewa Kupiec, Balász Szokolay, Jacques Rouvier, Bernd Goetzke, or Claudio Martínez Mehner. In 2019 was accepted for doctoral studies at the Academy of Performing Arts, in class of prof. Ida Černecká. During her studies, she won several prizes, such as 1st prize at the international competition in Italy Citta di Barletta, Grand Prix at the international competition in Vienna on The 21st. Century Art, or 1st prize at the Yamaha Scholarship Award. As a soloist she performed in the Slovak Philharmonic with the work J. S. Bach: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 in D minor BWV 1052, also with orchestra Capella Istropolitana, Ján Cikker - Concertino for Piano and Orchestra, also with Košice Philharmonic orchestra. She performed solo recitals on festivals as Viva Musica!, Piano Days and was performing also on Konvergencie 2022. In chamber music, she is active mainly in the piano duo Devanas with pianist Júlia Novosedlíková, had concert tours in Slovakia, Netherlands and China. In 2021 they recorder debut album with original works from young Slovak composers. Kristína Smetanová is also a singer, songwriter, keyboard and vocaloid player. She is currently a part of Chick2Chick trio, Quatro Emocione, Genius Locci. In past she performed with Richard Müller, Katarzia, Tolstoys. 1